what is life assurance??

“Life assurance is protection and peace of mind that if there is an unexpected death or illness in your family then the family has a financial cushion to fall back on.”

Over the last 12 years i came across a few sad stories where a parent had put the Life insurance policy on hold and unfortunately an illness or death occurred.

I have delivered my fair share of cheques to clients and their families at this stage and can’t stress how happy they were to have had the policy.

I and they know it will never replace the person but it will give the family a hell of a helping hand in dealing with a death or serious illness.

Life insurance has never been cheaper and a family in their thirties can be reasonably well protected for €40 per month.

We have all been to local fund raisers down the local pub after the unexpected death of a loved one and now their financially crippled.

When i sit down to do a review with people i stress life insurance first …

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