Pension Advisor Dublin

When looking for help researching where to start with your personal or company pension,it’s best to look for an adviser.

This will make a massive difference in your pensions performance and an advisor is also there to hold your hand so to speak with your working Life through to retirement.

The main advantages of using an advisor is getting you maximum growth for your money, getting you the best annual charges,organizing full tax relief and they are also there by phone or email 24/7.

Annual pension charges can vary a lot and can often be double the charge when doing your pension through a bank.(dont worry if you have started it with a bank ,you can still switch it over to a pension advisor/broker)

*So my tip is always use the pension adviser for the best returns for your money.

If you would like any help with starting your pension or just need help drawing down your money at retirement please contact me on or call me on 01-6339245.

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Company pensions and Auto enrolment

From 2022, all workers In Ireland will be automatically enrolled onto an automatic enrolment retirement savings system.

So if you don’t have your private pension or company pension set up all staff will be enrolled in the government one.

My advice is set up your own company one before this comes in with Irish Life ,Zurich ,Aviva or New ireland.

A Broker will get you and your staff the most suitable provider and also provide you with fantastic advice which you are going to need as you work your way to retirement.

We are currently setting up company pensions all over ireland and if you want any advice or need to get this set up soon, please call me on 01-6339245 or email me at

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Pension Broker Dublin

Pension brokers are not tied to any company and offer  independent financial advice.

Our goal is to give comprehensive independent financial advice that is offered across the whole of Ireland. We achieve this by analyzing the market on a fair analysis basis and presenting our research to you before any products are purchased.

So basically our Clients interests are put first as opposed to some tied agents who have to put their companies products first.

Sometimes the tied agents products will not be the best product on the market for the customer but they have no option but to sell you their product.

I have always said the independent broker is much better for the client,this goes for insurance as well as Pensions.

So if you need advice drawing down your pension at retirement or just want to get one started please

Email me  at

or call 016339245

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Talking money Guide

This guide has been written by our own Karl deeter here at and Jill kerby.

It gives people excellent tips on Pensions,savings plans and the kind of insurance policies that suit different clients.

It’s free and can be downloaded at link below or mail me for a hard copy at

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